Fastbraces in Dinnington

Modern orthodontics needn’t take ages and today’s solutions are quicker than ever.

Looking for a quick fix? 

Fast braces

Who wants to wear braces any longer than necessary? 

At The Dinnington Practice, we can treat our adult and teen patients with Fastbraces, a revolutionary new system developed in the USA, offering teeth straightening that’s affordable, painless and, of course, fast! Typically, you can expect your Fastbraces treatment to be completed within months rather than years.

Fastbraces can be used to treat overcrowded, gappy and crooked and problems with the bite. The high-tech system is extremely lightweight, with patented triangular brackets that gently move both the crown and the root of the teeth simultaneously, resulting in a faster treatment time.


Are Fastbraces right for me?

Fastbraces are suitable for patients of all ages, though you will need to undergo an orthodontic consultation at The Dinnington Practice to confirm the system is right for you.

What are the benefits of Fastbraces?

The clue is in the name: Fastbraces work fast! In most cases, treatment can be completed within 10 months. Fastbraces are also lighter and more comfortable than traditional metal braces, and their size allows for easier cleaning – which reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay during treatment. The fast treatment time also requires fewer visits to the dentist, and therefore less expense. With Fastbraces, the need for tooth extractions is also greatly reduced or eliminated.

Are Fastbraces removable?

No, Fastbraces is a fixed brace system, which we recommend for optimum results.

Will my teeth stay straight after my Fastbraces come off?

In most cases, after Fastbraces treatment we will recommend fixed or removable retainers, which will hold your teeth in the correct position discreetly and permanently.

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